Bitter Cold Today & Tonight

Well, that was certainly something. Most of you are probably waking up to a new snow depth around 1 foot. This is probably the worst forecast I have ever delivered and I think it’s important to be upfront about that. I don’t like it at all and will learn from this weather event to be better prepared for the next one.


Temperatures as of 6 AM have dropped to around 9°. The snow has finally pushed to the southeast of the region. Wind chills are right around zero thanks to a northwest wind. The cold will settle into the region today.


Highs will only go up a couple degrees from here. The latest HRRR model says we’ll be lucky to reach the teens! Given northwest winds, it will feel more like zero much of the day.


Very cold conditions are expected overnight. Lows may drop to around zero. A few flurries can’t be ruled out due to the extreme cold. The HRRR suggests temperatures around 10° at 10 PM, but this just seems to warm to me.

sfct.us_ov (1).png

I’ll have another, regular length forecast later today. I want to see how models handle the fresh snowpack, which can throw off temperatures. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great snow day!

-Meteorologist Jacob Wilkins

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