Deceiving “Warmth” Today

We’re waking up to some “warmer” temperatures this morning thanks to a light southerly wind. Temperatures at 6 AM are up to 15° after falling to 8° at 2:45 AM.


A few flurries may be possible this morning as a band of light snow moves east out of Missouri. Dry air will eat away at most of the snow though.


The light southerly and southwesterly wind will continue to warm temperatures to around 30° this afternoon. However, a cold front will shift wind out of the west and northwest, leading to cold conditions once again. sfct_b.us_ov.png

Temperatures will drop quickly in response to the wind shift. Temperatures around 30° at 3 PM will drop to the low 20s by 6 PM and into the mid teens by 10 PM. Overnight lows will likely drop all the way to 9°. Wind chills will dip below zero thanks to northwest surface winds. The NAM model below depicts wind chills at -2°.


High pressure will center itself to the northwest of the region. This will send cold air into the area, setting the stage for a cold Thursday. We’ll struggle to reach 20° and wind chills will once again remain very cold.


Thursday night is another night to let faucets drip and bring pets in. Lows will likely drop to around 7° under mostly clear skies. Wind chills will relax some due to calming winds. It seems the cold has a message for us all:


A few flurries may be possible on Friday as moisture dives to the southeast from a system to the north. There will be a lot of dry air to overcome so no accumulation is currently forecast. Highs will remain chilly, stuck in the low 20s.


Looking Ahead

A warm weather system is expected to impact the region on Sunday and Monday. Southerly winds aloft will help temperatures moderate some into the upper 30s and low 40s. Rain will be likely Sunday and into Monday. A few snow showers may be possible Monday evening and overnight. Total precipitation amounts may approach 1″ by Monday evening.


That should wrap up this forecast. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

-Meteorologist Jacob Wilkins

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