Bitterly Cold Start to 2018

A Wind Chill Advisory remains in effect until Noon Tuesday…

Temperatures are bitterly cold this morning to start 2018! As of 7 AM, the temperature in Draffenville was a balmy 2.6°. Fortunately, the wind is rather calm. However, to the east wind chills are well below zero!


Temperatures will remain very cold today. High pressure from the northwest will continue to spread cold temperatures into the region given northerly winds. This will lead to high temperatures only around 15°. However, the wind will make it feel much, much colder.


Temperatures will once again bottom out overnight. Given clear skies and the area of higher pressure moving closer to the region, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some locations in western Kentucky reach zero. However, I’m currently forecasting a low of 1° in Draffenville. Time to let those faucets drip!


Temperatures will warm some on Tuesday with the high pressure system directly overhead. This will cut down on the wind as well, allowing the wind chill advisory to expire at noon. Temperatures will likely warm to around 21° under sunny skies.


Wind will actually shift out of the southwest on Tuesday night thanks to a disturbance to the north of the region. This will lead to “warmer” lows, dropping only to around 12°.

Just Imagine He's Saying "warmer" in air quotes...
Just Imagine He’s Saying “warmer” in air quotes…

The southwest winds will continue on Wednesday. That is, until a cold front swings through the region. As of now, this cold front is expected to be dry as it moves through after highs reach the mid to upper 20s.


The cold front will do it’s part in the temperature department. Lows on Wednesday night will likely drop back into the single digits under partly cloudy skies.

Looking Ahead

Our first break from the cold looks to come around Sunday or Monday of next week. All the major global models agree that a rain system will move through the region with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. We’ll keep an eye on this for any major changes.


That should wrap up this forecast! Thanks for stopping by and I hope 2018 brings you peace and happiness!

-Meteorologist Jacob Wilkins

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