Stupid Cold to Ring In 2017

I hope you were able to enjoy the slightly warmer temperatures yesterday because the rest of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 look downright, stupid cold.


Temperatures will likely drop some throughout the day today thanks to a cold front moving through the region this morning. Temperatures around noon will likely be around 28° by noon. Given northwest winds, it will feel quite a bit colder than that too! A few flurries may be possible today as well.


Decreasing clouds and continue northerly flow will pave the way for bitterly cold temperatures to return to the region tonight. Lows will likely dip to around 10°, with wind chill readings around zero.


An area of very cold high pressure will reside from Montana and continue to pump cold air into the region on Sunday. This will lead to highs struggling to reach 20°! Once again, northerly winds will make it feel much colder than that.


New Year’s Eve will be bitterly cold. I’d suggest staying inside and staying warm as temperatures will be around 10° to ring in 2018. Temperatures will continue to drop to around 7° Monday morning.


A bitterly cold day is forecast to start 2018. Temperatures will warm only into the mid to upper teens on Monday. This could go down as one of the top 5 coldest high temperatures recorded at the Draffenville Mesonet site. This could wind up being some 25 to 30 degrees below normal!


That should wrap up this forecast. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a warm and wonderful day!

-Meteorologist Jacob Wilkins

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