“Warm Up” Today…Not Really

Temperatures will warm up slightly today thanks to a light southerly wind. However, don’t get too excited because we’re still looking at highs right around 35° under partly cloudy skies. The HRRR model below says we reach 35° around 3 PM.


A cold front is still expected to move through the region late tonight and into Saturday morning. This will lead to increased cloud cover overnight and may keep overnight lows a bit “mild”. Lows will remain in the mid 20s.


The cold front will lead to cold conditions on Saturday. Highs will struggle to get out of the 20s despite the cloud cover thinning throughout the day. I’m currently forecast a high of only 30°.


Bitter Cold Returns

Bitter cold temperatures return to the region Saturday night and Sunday morning as low temperatures are expected to drop to around 10°. It’ll once again be a time to let water drip from faucets to prevent frozen pipes!


We’ll continue that trend for several days. New Year’s Eve is looking to be quite cold as highs on Sunday will only top out around 22°. The NAM Model below is valid at 3 PM Sunday.


However, it will feel much colder than that Sunday thanks to a northerly wind around 10 mph. This will make it feel more like it’s around 10° out there! This is the same time as the above model!

sfctapp.us_ov (1).png

Temperatures as we ring in the New Year will be around 13°! However, wind chills will likely be below zero, so make sure you’re bundled up if you’re celebrating outdoors.


Temperatures will continue to drop on early Monday morning. By 6 AM, temperatures will likely be in the single digits with wind chills well below zero. The European model suggest temps around 7° at 6 AM. The frigid weather doesn’t look to leave anytime soon.


Looking Ahead

It looks like we’ll see an overall cold and dry patter over the next several days. The only chance of an appreciable chance of precipitation will come around the 8th or 9th of January. We’ll have no idea what type of precipitation may transpire until we get closer to the event. The GFS model currently depicts a mixed bag of wintry precipitation.


That should wrap up this forecast. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

-Meteorologist Jacob Wilkins

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