It’s About to Get Really Cold

Cold Christmas!

I hope everyone was able to have a warm Christmas yesterday. The high temperature in Draffenville was just 31.3°F. That makes it the coldest Christmas on Kentucky Mesonet record, which began recording the weather in Draffenville in 2009.


Fortunately, temperatures are expected to be just a tad warmer than yesterday, likely topping out around 34° under mostly cloudy conditions. A northeast breeze will make things feel a couple degrees colder than that.


Frigid Cold Tonight Through Wednesday Night

Temperatures will tank overnight as a cold area of high pressure begins to move to the north of the region. This will help clear skies to partly cloudy, allowing temperatures to drop to around 15°!


This will lead to frigid conditions on Wednesday. The aforementioned area of high pressure will continue to pump cold air into the region from northerly surface winds. This will lead to high temperatures around 26° under mostly sunny skies. The NAM Model says we only make it to 24°!

NAMMW_sfc_temp_033 (1).png

Wednesday night will once again be a bone-chilling night as lows are expected to drop to around 15° once again. This is some 18° below normal according to the European Model.


Dry Thursday Forecast

Original thinking was that some wintry precipitation could be possible on Thursday. However, dry air from the north should keep all that well to the south of the region. Perhaps a flurry is possible under mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the low 30s.


Long Term Outlook

I’m still monitoring a chance of wintry precipitation around New Year’s Eve. However, the trend is for a storm to appear on models around 7 days out, then fizzle out by the end of the 7 day period. Thus, confidence in a long term forecast is low at this time…basically, I’m not sure what to expect at this point.


That should wrap up this forecast. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

-Meteorologist Jacob Wilkins



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