It’s Gonna Be Cold Forever

The cold officially arrived last night and will stay for quite some time, which I’m not too pleased about. Temperatures dropped to around 30° last night in Draffenville. Temperatures should rebound to around 50° this afternoon under mostly sunny skies.


Cold conditions are once again expected overnight as lows drop to around 29° under partly cloudy skies.

Reinforcing Cold Shot Thursday

A reinforcing shot of cold air is expected on Thursday. A disturbance will move through the region Thursday morning. This will be dry, but should limit temperatures to around 40° Thursday afternoon. The disturbance can be seen on the GFS model shown below.


Temperatures drop like a rock Thursday night as lows are expected to be in the low 20s. The European model shown below depicts lows around 23°.


Temperatures will likely remain in the upper 30s on Friday despite southwest surface winds late in the afternoon. Friday night temperatures will likely drop back into the upper 20s.

Snow Chances Dwindle

Our chance of snow on Saturday has dwindled quite a bit. The clipper system is now expected to move well to the north of the region, and moisture may be lacking quite a bit. All I’m seeing now is a chance for flurries mixed with light rain in Saturday, if that.


I’m eyeing another potential clipper system on Tuesday. This may provide another chance of snow. Time will tell though.

GFS Surface Model - Valid Tuesday Evening -
GFS Surface Model – Valid Tuesday Evening –

That should wrap up this forecast. Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter. Have a great day!

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