Well…The Cold is Here.

Well, we had a good run with the warm weather. But, I’m afraid that has come to a close. The cold front has already pushed through the region and colder air is filtering into the region.


Temperatures should slowly drop throughout the day. Temperatures around 5 PM should be around 42°. Compare this to the 51° at 6 AM. Northwest wind will make it feel a few degrees cooler than it actually is as well. Noon Temperatures shown below:


Cold will settle into the region tonight as lows drop to around 30° under mostly clear skies.

On Wednesday, under mostly sunny skies, we’ll warm to around 50°, which is some 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. Which according to myself and Micheal Scott from “The Office” is the worst.


As typical of cold fronts, the second night after the frontal passage will be cooler than the first. Wednesday night lows will drop in the mid to upper 20s. Time for a coat!


Cold air will really settle into place on Thursday. Highs are expected to top out in the upper 30s to right around 40°. That’s just cruel. And it could be the coldest “high” temperature of the season thus far. The NAM model says we top out around 36°!

sfct.us_ov (1).png

Thursday night will bring even colder conditions to the region as lows drop to the low 20s under mostly clear skies. According to the European Model below, this could be some 10 degrees below average!


Snow is still in the forecast Saturday morning and throughout the day Saturday. Given the long duration of cold ahead of the snow showers, minor accumulations can’t be ruled out. Below is the forecast surface model from the GFS for Saturday.


That should wrap up this forecast. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a warm day!

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