Cold, Windy Night On Tap

Severe Weather Threat Concluded

The severe weather threat for Marshall County has come to an end. Storms moved into the area around 2:15 PM and exited to the east by 3:05 PM.


The cold front has already pushed through, leading to a very quick temperature drop. The temperature dropped 15 degrees in Draffenville in only 20 minutes!

temp drop1
Kentucky Mesonet Temperature Data – Draffenville

Wind Advisory

The Wind Advisory is still in effect until 9 PM for Marshall County. Wind gusts in excess of 35 to 40 mph will still be possible during the afternoon and evening hours.


Cold Conditions Overnight

Temperatures will continue to drop quickly during the evening and overnight. By Sunday morning, temperatures will likely be right around freezing. Combine that with gusty winds and you’re looking at wind chills in the mid 20s!

NAM Model Forecast Wind Chill – Valid 6 AM Sunday –

That should wrap up this forecast. Be sure to follow @MarshallCoWX on Twitter and Marshall County Weather on Facebook for the latest Marshall County weather information. Have a great Saturday evening!

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